Healthy at H-E-B Community Challenge: Making the Most of Your Community Assets

Author, Ginny Thompson, is an IT’S TIME TEXAS Ambassador.

We’re almost halfway through the Healthy at H-E-B Community Challenge! One of the great components of the Challenge is that it allows communities to take inventory of their local assets. By assets I mean trails, parks, pools and any other recreational facilities that are open to the public.  Fitness and healthy activity isn’t limited to a commercial gym or walking around your own neighborhood.  There are lots of ways to get active and explore your community!

Now that the weather is getting cooler, encourage your friends and family to take fitness outside into the great outdoors!

Photo by Ginny Thompson

What gems can you find in your local area?  Look for places to hike, neighborhood parks with walking paths or fitness trails, botanical gardens, lakes and rivers.  Simply get outside and do something active! For example, explore neighborhoods where you don’t normally spend much time, but do it on foot!  You’ll see things in a whole different light while getting some healthy activity in through walking!

One of my local assets is Lady Bird Lake oftentimes referred to as ‘Town Lake’. The Town Lake area is filled with miles of hike and bike trails, dog parks, and within walking distance from a natural swimming pool. The lake does not allow motorized watercrafts, so it’s a great place to hop on a SUPboard (stand up paddle), kayak, or canoe. You can get a great workout while enjoying a beautiful spot in the middle of the city!

Photo by Ginny Thompson

Another favorite of mine is an Austin gem: Mt. Bonnell.  It’s free to the public and has some great views of the city. Mt. Bonnell is also a great place for a cardio workout.  Mt. Bonnell consists of a staircase to the top followed by a flat trail that wraps gradually back down towards the parking area.

Live by the beach?  Next time you decide to take a walk, do it in the loose sand! You’ll get your heart rate up AND get some added action for your legs!

Don’t forget your local State Parks!  We’ve got some great ones here, and for a nominal fee you’ll have access to all of the amenities!

IT’S TIME to look to our community resources to lead active, healthier lives! What local assets are available for your community?
About the Author: Ginny Thompson is an IT’S TIME TEXAS Ambassador. She has personal experience battling her weight, losing and gaining it for most of her life. She is now an example of how perseverance and a dedication to a healthy lifestyle can change more than just a waist line—it can change a life. For more about Ginny, visit the Meet the Bloggers page.

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